Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Breastfeeding Classes in Northampton & Amherst | Fall 2014

Hands-On Breastfeeding Class - Fall 2014 Schedule

Northampton Location:
First Sunday of every Month, 10am--12pm
Sunday September 7, October 5, November 2, and December 7

Amherst Location:
Thursday December 4, 6pm--8pm

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(Mollie and newborn baby Rowan)

Class Description
Breastfeeding is one of the most amazing gifts a mother can give to her baby. However, many mothers are not prepared for the challenges that can occur when she AND the baby are learning to nurse (because baby has to learn too!) Please join us for a 2-hour class dedicated to learning the skills needed to start your breastfeeding relationship right.

This classes is ideal for pregnant women in their second or third trimester who intend to breastfeed. (If you are due VERY soon, please contact Mollie to discuss scheduling a private session). We encourage partners or other support people (a parent, friend, doula, etc.) to participate in class, and we respect and welcome all family structures.


     Northampton Location
     Crafted Birth
     73 Barrett St, #3108
     Northampton, MA 01060

     Amherst Location
     Second Changes Kids' Consignment Shop - Community Room
     8 Pomeroy Lane
     Amherst, MA

     Sunday, September 7, 10am--12pm (NoHo)
     Sunday, October 5, 10am--12pm (NoHo)
     Sunday, November 2, 10am--12pm (NoHo)
     Thursday, December 4, 6pm--8pm (Amherst)
     Sunday, December 7, 10am--12pm (NoHo)

     With 6-Week Childbirth Education Series, $25.00 per couple
     Without Series, $30.00 per couple

  • Anatomy of Nursing 
    • Review the physical process of how breastmilk is made. 
    • Discuss supply and demand and how that translates to feeding schedules. 
  • Latch 
    • Review the characteristics of a proper breastfeeding latch, discuss what happens if baby does not latch properly, and practice (with a special "Latch" doll) latching a baby to a breast. 
  • Breastfeeding Positions 
    • Review the different ways to hold a baby while nursing, and practice these positions with baby dolls. 
  • Common Problems and Solutions 
    • Discuss common issues moms and babies can have while learning to breastfeed (cracked nipples, supply problems, etc.), how they can be prevented and solved, and when to call a Lactation Consultant for help. 
  • Pumping and Bottle-Feeding Expressed Milk 
    • Discuss how and when to introduce and breastfed baby to a bottle. 
    • Operate a breast pump while discussing the logistics of pumping at home and at work. 

Questions about the class? Interested but would prefer a private session? Ready to sign up? Please Email Mollie at Crafted Birth.


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